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President Xi Jinping on Wednesday encouraged more and better stories to be told about the friendship between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

He made the remark in a congratulatory message sent to the opening ceremony of the China-ASEAN Year of Media Exchanges event held in Beijing.

Xi said media can play an even greater role in the development of China-ASEAN relations as a bridge in promoting communication, cooperation and people-to-people contacts.

"It is my hope that media from the two sides do more to become friendship facilitators of practical cooperation and guardians of harmonious coexistence," he said in the message.

China and ASEAN countries jointly announced in November that 2019 is the China-ASEAN year of media exchanges during the 21st China-ASEAN Leaders" Meeting in Singapore.

Xi said its launch represents an important move toward deepening the strategic partnership between China and ASEAN.

In recent years, the two sides have stepped up strategic communication, worked together to build the Belt and Road, and made further advances in people-to-people exchanges. They have also properly handled differences and safeguarded regional stability, he said, adding that China-ASEAN relations have entered a new phase of all-around development.

For 10 consecutive years, China has been the largest trading partner of ASEAN.

In 2018, two-way trade volume between China and ASEAN countries reached $587.87 billion and about 50 million people traveled between China and ASEAN countries, according to the Foreign Ministry.

AKP Mochtan, ASEAN deputy secretary-general for community and corporate affairs, said promoting people-to-people exchanges is an important part of the China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership Vision 2030, adopted last year as the two sides celebrated the 15th anniversary of their strategic partnership.

"Media have a very strong role in facilitating understanding between ASEAN and China, thus contributing to a closer relationship," Mochtan said.

"The relationship should continue and will also be strengthened. I look forward to more activities in the coming years," he added, noting that he expected more coproductions between ASEAN and China such as for movies and documentaries.