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People prepare to vote on a referendum at a polling station in Okinawa, Japan, on Sunday. KYODO NEWS/ASSOCIATED PRESS

TOKYO - The people of Okinawa voted on Sunday on a plan for a US military base relocation in a referendum that will send a message on how they feel about housing troops of the United States in Japan, who many see as a burden on the group of tiny southwestern islands.

Polls opened early on Sunday morning. The referendum is technically not binding but interest is high for testing the public sentiment about the plan to relocate Futenma air base, which is pushed by the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The plan has its beginnings in 1995, when outrage erupted against US service members over the rape of a 12-year-old girl. Futenma was long criticized as dangerous, being in a residential area. Washington also agreed to transfer some personnel to US Pacific territory of Guam.

A replacement base is on a coastal landfill in an area called Henoko. Critics say wildlife such as coral reefs and the dugong will be hurt.

"There are so many American troops here. Of course, 99 percent of them are good people, but then there is that 1 percent who do evil things. It"s hard for us," said Tomomichi Shimabukuro, who runs a seaside inn called Churaumi-kun.

"I feel most people of Okinawa are going to vote in protest of the plan," he told the Associated Press in a phone interview.

Japanese media surveys have shown voters are likely to reject the Henoko plan. Nearly 1.16 million residents, 18 or older, are eligible to vote, and turnout is expected to be high. Interest has been strong, not only in the rest of Japan but among pacifists internationally.

The referendum asks: "Regarding the landfill for the construction of the US military base planned by the government in Henoko, Nago city, to replace Futenma air base", with the choices being: "I agree", "I oppose" and "Neither".

Although Okinawa makes up less than 1 percent of Japan"s land space, it houses about half of the 54,000 US troops stationed in Japan, and makes for 64 percent of the land used by the US bases, under a bilateral security treaty.

The Japanese government has said it will not abide by the referendum, even if the Henoko plan is rejected.

Over the years, Henoko has drawn countless protests and sitins. The election last year of Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki, whose father is a Marine he has never met and his mother a Japanese, has injected renewed energy to the movement.

Skeptics are worried the costs for a landfill base like Henoko may keep growing, the runway may end up being too short and the government may not close Futenma, after all.

Some in Okinawa are wondering why US military operations can"t be moved to other parts of Japan. Such plans have been repeatedly brought up with little progress, making some in Okinawa feel they are getting second-class treatment.

Colonel John Hutcheson, spokesman for US Forces Japan, said the Henoko agreement is a bilateral deal aimed at closing Futenma, while maintaining what he called vital capabilities for regional security. He declined to comment on the referendum, saying it was a domestic political issue.

Ap - AFP

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