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The Yellow Crane Tower, a landmark structure in Wuhan. The city attracts visitors with its time-honored culture and modern elements. [Photo/VCG]

Twenty-five foreign volunteers will be selected through a four-month campaign, starting on March 9, to guide visitors during the upcoming Military World Games in Wuhan, capital of Central China"s Hubei province, in October.

Applicants for the voluntary project should be residents of Wuhan, should be over the age of 10 and non-Chinese citizen but passionate about Chinese culture. It is preferred that the candidates are good at the Chinese language as well, according to the report from Changjiang Daily, a local newspaper, on Monday.

Organized by Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower Park Management Office, the project will post volunteers at the city"s landmark, one of the most historical and renowned towers in China dating back to more than 1,700 years ago.

The selection process will be divided into four stages, beginning with a month-long online application. A primary selection including self-introduction, talent show and Q&A will pick an initial number of candidates, who will be trained by artists and experts familiar with the tower and its history, the report said.

The process will end on June 9 with a final round of selection, it added.

Organizers said they hope the event would not only help them become a better host for the seventh Military World Games, which is expected to receive contestants from over 100 countries, but also inspire more foreigners to have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

Those interested in the voluntary project can go to the official website of the tower http://www.cnhhl.com, or call 13871244467 for application.

Meng Die in Beijing contributed to this story.

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